The host course centre  provides the venue and equipment with the ARC arranging all pre-course admin including candidate application, candidate fee administration, instructor faculty, catering and program. Where a host course centre accommodates an instructor course, the host course centre is responsible for ensuring that the facilities at the venue are safe and adequate. A minimum of 3  simultaneously operated Cardiac Arrest Scenario Teaching (CASTeach) stations are required to facilitate an Instructor Course, with one room capable of hosting all candidates and faculty in a lecture type environment.

Courses run from 07:30 until 18:30hrs each day. Ingress/egress and environmental (heating/air-conditioning) during these times is essential to facilitate the course. This may require organisations communicating with security and engineering to ensure the venue is able to be used, particularly at weekends and if out of normal hours.

The equipment needed for each station (CASTeach area) is the same as set out in the ALS1 and ALS2 equipment listing for CASTeach with the addition of a whiteboard in each room.

A venue for the course needs to be provided to allow safe and effective running of the course. The room layout requires one area/room per candidate group (5 candidates and 2 to 3 faculty) arranged with the appropriate equipment for the session.

Each candidate group will be based at a single area for the whole course. The area needs to be of sufficient size to safely accommodate each station with an area and seating to debrief following for up to eight people. The maximum number of candidates per candidate group on an Instructor Course is 5.

The course requires the venue/room to accommodate the whole candidate group:

  • In a type lecture environment with projection facilities
  • Observe the faculty demonstrations and candidate/educator discussions in following sessions:
    • Delivering feedback
    • Lecturing
    • Closed Discussion Workshop
    • Skill Station (Defibrillation skill used as demonstration)
    • CASTeach
    • Open Discussion
    • Assessment – CASTest/ABCDE Deteriorating Patient Workshop

The equipment is sufficient to facilitate the running of the following teaching practice stations (as per equipment for the provider course):

  • Airway Skill Station
  • CASTeaching
  • Assessment – CASTest/ABCDE Deteriorating Patient Workshop
  • Closed Discussion Workshop (includes whiteboard or similar)

Additional facilities required include:

  • A breakout area for the whole candidate group and faculty (allowing for catering)
  • Adequate restroom facilities

A room/area for faculty meetings and confidential discussion