Yes. Candidates are exposed to the team environment throughout the course. They work in small teams for the whole course and undertake different roles within those teams. There is no specific session to include the non-technical skills as a separate entity, but the scenarios include instructor led feedback that may raise these. Within the manual for each course is a chapter on Human Factors including task management and ISBAR handover.

Non-technical skills can be defined as the cognitive, social and personal resource skills that complement technical skills and contribute to safe and efficient task performance. More simply, they are the things that affect our personal performance. This is difficult to achieve fully without some competence in the technical ability and in the duration of the course. With that in mind the main focus of the course is on the technical skills with attention paid to the non-technical skills in feedback when required.

An optional session included in the course program in ALS1/ILS gives course centres the prospect to design and/or add this topic into the program. This may be written to support the other course material and specifically to meet the local demands of the candidate group.

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