Guideline 6 recommends that two fingers should be used to give chest compressions to an infant. (less than 1 year of age) In children where the size of the child and that of the rescuer can vary greatly it is impossible to make a clear recommendation. Guideline 6 recommends two hands for simplicity of BLS training in that one hand may not always be sufficient whereas two hands will always be.

The important focus here is to ensure that the depth of chest compressions is adequate (ie about 1/3 of the chest depth). For some people that will require two hands, for others one hand will be sufficient. Furthermore, when using two hands the full weight of the rescuer may not need to be applied to achieve adequate depth of compressions.

Training should focus on achieving adequate compression depth rather than when to use one or two hands for chest compressions in children. Providing adequate depth of chest compression is achieved the use of one hand is acceptable.

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