The path to becoming an ALS Instructor begins by attending the ALS Provider course. We are looking for enthusiastic, experienced clinicians and educators to become instructors. The process for becoming an instructor is highly prescribed. Outstanding candidates on the provider course are identified as having instructor potential by the instructors on that course and invited to become instructors themselves.

The faculty may nominate a candidate for Instructor Potential (IP) selection at the final faculty meeting. The Course Director or Course mentors will inform you at the end of the course if you have been identified as an IP.
On completion of an ALS2/ALS Provider Course you can be nominated as an IP for ALS2/ALS or ALS1/ILS.

ALS1/ILS Provider courses can only nominate for Instructor Potential in ALS1/ILS The nomination is a faculty decision based upon your performance during the course. If you are interested in becoming an Instructor it is advised to make the faculty aware during at the earliest opportunity during the course. This may be at the mentor meeting or during breaks.

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