Firstly speak to the Course Director and or your mentors by requesting some feedback on the decision. They may be able to give some insight into the decision and state why the faculty made it. The Course Director and Faculty may opt to review the situation in a meeting prior to the faculty closure of the course, (following candidates leaving), or following the course.

Appeal (within one year of the course) the decision to the ARC by contacting the ARC National Course Coordinator via email on, or the ARC Executive Officer on You will need to include full details of where and when you undertook the provider course and your reasons for appeal. You may be asked to provide additional information. All appeals material is kept with strict confidentiality within the ARC.

They will contact the Course Director and/or Faculty members to review your case. Appeals are assessed by the ARC National Course Coordinator in collaboration with members of the ARC ALS Sub-Committee and kept in strict confidence. All decisions made by the ARC/ALS Sub-Committee are final.

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