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  • Please note this is not an application to attend an Instructor Course.

    This notifies the ARC of your interest to pursue Instructor Development and when places become available on Instructor Courses you may be notified. In the event you wish to apply for the Instructor Course see dates on the ARC website and apply directly. Congratulations on your successful completion of the Provider Course. If it was the unanimous opinion of the Course Faculty that your performance showed you to have Instructor Potential you will have been informed by the Course Director or your mentors at the completion of the course. Should you wish to become an ARC/RC(UK) Instructor the next step is to successfully complete an Australian Resuscitation Council (ARC) Instructor Course, (or an appropriately recognised Instructor Course). If you would like to become an ARC Instructor please complete and return the form to the ARC. The ARC administers Australian ALS level 1 and 2 Instructor courses at the invite of individual course centre. In the event places are available on Instructor courses and you are yet to apply the ARC may email/contact you. Application forms for the ARC Instructor courses are on the website. ALS level 2 Instructor course is over two days and ALS level 1 Instructor Course one day in duration. It is recommended (but not essential), that you gain some training experience by joining and observing the faculty on an ARC/RC(UK) Course before undertaking your instructor training. Although this is not a pre-requisite for attending the Instructor Course it may assist you in developing those skills required. As an observing faculty member you will not undertake any of the teaching but observe faculty members and the operation of the course from an Instructor perspective. You can get information about courses from the ARC and RC(UK) websites, including the details to help you contact the Course Director and/or Course Coordinator. Upon successful completion of the Instructor Course, (or recognised prior course attendance), you will be required to teach on two or more ARC/RC(UK) Courses as an Instructor Candidate (IC) before achieving full Instructor status. As an IC you must attend the entire course, and undertake assessment on: • Skills station (such as Airway/Defibrillation) • CASTeaching (Cardiac Arrest Simulation teaching) You may give a lecture but this is optional and will not be formally assessed. You will also need to be involved in the remainder of the course including the assessment of candidates. At no time will you be expected to lead a session unsupervised, and you will receive formal (assessed) and informal feedback on those other stations you instruct upon (e.g. workshops, discussions and lectures). During these IC stages you and the course centre will be required to keep a record of Instructor training for return to the Resuscitation Council upon request. Once you have attained full Instructor status, you are required to teach on at least three courses every two years and it is recommended that one of these should be away from your home centre. Instructors are required to recertify by completing formal assessments during the course every 4 years in order to maintain their Instructorship. Recertification involves attending an entire ALS provider course and being assessed during delivery of a skill station and a minimum of 2 CASTeach scenarios and informal feedback on other stations. Good luck in pursuing your ARC/RC(UK) Instructor training!
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