Accredited Course Centres

ALS and ILS Accredited Course Centres PDF
Only Approved Course Centres may facilitate ARC Courses

If you are interested in becoming an accredited course centre, please review the ARC ALS Courses FAQs.

Course Centre Contact Person/Team Email Address Contact Email Address Contact Course Centre Administration State/Territory Facilitates ARC ALS Courses in States/Territories
Adelaide Health Simulation (UofA) (ALS1 and ALS2) Rachel [email protected] SA SA
Advanced Resuscitation Training (ALS1 and ALS2) Andy (ALS2) or Paul (ALS1) [email protected] [email protected] SA Nationally
AIMSi Blacktown-  (ALS1 and ALS2) Divya [email protected] NSW NSW
Alfred Health (ALS1) Nat [email protected] VIC VIC
ARC / NSW Branch  (ALS1 and ALS2) Suzie [email protected] [email protected] NSW NSW
ARIMGSAS (ALS1) Khush [email protected] VIC VIC
Armadale Health Service  (ALS1 and ALS2) Jane [email protected] WA WA
Ashford Hospital (ALS1) Roselyn [email protected] SA SA
Aspen Medical (ALS1) Maria [email protected] ACT Nationally
AUSTIN HEALTH (ALS1 & ALS2) Matthew [email protected] VIC VIC
Bethesda Health Care (ALS1) Marie [email protected] WA WA
Calvary Health Care Adelaide (ALS1) Sarah [email protected] SA SA
Calvary Public Hospital Bruce (ALS1 & ALS2) Kate [email protected] ACT ACT
Central Adelaide Local Health Network (ALS2) Tim/Rebecca [email protected] SA SA
Central Coast Resuscitation Training (ALS1) Fady [email protected] NSW NSW
CITI Medical Services PTY LTD (ALS1 & ALS2) Majid [email protected] VIC VIC
Code Blue Medical (ALS1) Stephen [email protected] QLD QLD
Eastern Health (ALS1 and ALS2) Nicole Argall [email protected] VIC VIC
Edith Cowan University (ALS1) Sara [email protected] [email protected] WA WA
EDVOKE Education (ALS1 and ALS2) Angela [email protected] ACT Nationally
Elite Seminars (ALS1) Michael [email protected] NSW NSW
Endurance Medical Services Deb [email protected] VIC VIC
Fiona Stanley Hospital (ALS1 and ALS2) Leah - ALS2  or Janet - ALS1 [email protected] [email protected] WA WA
Flinders Medical Centre (ALS1 and ALS2) Sara Peacock [email protected] SA SA
Flinders University (ALS1) Belinda [email protected] SA SA
Francis Baron Burnett Simulation Centre (ALS1) Belinda [email protected] QLD QLD
GC Medical Training (Gold Coast) (ALS1 and ALS2) Jan [email protected] QLD QLD
Gove District Hospital (ALS1 and ALS2) John [email protected] NT NT
Grampians Health (ALS2) Athar [email protected] VIC VIC
Illawarra Shoalhaven Health Education Centre (ISHEC) Wollongong (ALS2) Claudio [email protected] NSW NSW
Interactive Resuscitation Training (ALS1 and ALS2) Pam [email protected] NSW NSW
Joondalup Campus WA (ALS1 & ALS2) ALS1 - Catherine [email protected] WA WA
King Edward Memorial Hospital (ALS1) Emma [email protected] WA WA
LHB (ALS1 and ALS2) [email protected]
Liverpool Hospital (ALS1 and ALS2) Alessia [email protected] NSW NSW
Mater Hospital, Sydney (ALS1 and ALS2) Belinda [email protected] NSW NSW
Medical Training Solutions (ALS1 and ALS2) Amanda [email protected] WA WA
Monash ICU (ALS2) [email protected] VIC VIC
National Critical Care and Trauma Response Center  Merrilyn [email protected] NT NT
North Adelaide LHN (NALHN) (ALS1 and ALS2) Leigh and Michelle [email protected] SA SA
North West Regional Hospital - Burnie Tasmania (ALS1 and ALS2)  Matthew [email protected] TAS TAS
Northern Hospital  (ALS1 and ALS2) Elise or Amanda [email protected] [email protected] VIC VIC
North Shore Private Hospital  (ALS1 and ALS2) Joanna [email protected] NSW NSW
Paradigm Site Services (ALS1) Ben [email protected] SA SA
Pararescue Training (ALS1 and ALS2) Rhys [email protected] QLD QLD
Peel Health Campus (Kate ALS1 & Esther ALS2) Kate or Esther [email protected] [email protected] WA WA
Peninsula Health (ALS1) Joy or Trisha [email protected] [email protected] VIC VIC
Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre (ALS1 & ALS2) Maria [email protected] VIC VIC
Postgraduate Medical Council Tasmania - PMCT (ALS1 and ALS2) [email protected] TAS TAS
Prince Charles Hospital   (ALS1 and ALS2)                             Alastair or Leah [email protected] [email protected] QLD QLD
Prince of Wales Hospital (ALS1 and ALS2) Roy [email protected] NSW NSW
Queanbeyan Health Service (ALS1 and ALS2) Louise [email protected] NSW NSW
Queen Elizabeth Hospital (ALS1) Sophie [email protected] SA SA
Ramsay WA - Hollywood Pvt Hospital (ALS1) Lauren
[email protected] WA WA
Ramsay Healthcare WA (ALS2) ALS2 - Lisa or Lauren
[email protected] WA WA
Resuscitation Skills Centre (ALS1 and ALS2) Jon [email protected] NT NT
ReVISE Simulation Centre (ALS1 and ALS2) Kate [email protected]au Vic Vic
Rockingham General Hospital (ALS2) Helen [email protected] WA WA
Royal Adelaide Hospital (ALS1) Sophie [email protected] SA SA
Royal Darwin Hospital, Emergency Department  (ALS1 and ALS2) Lucille (ALS1)
Antony (ALS2)
[email protected] [email protected] NT NT
Royal Flying Doctor Service South East Section, Dubbo (ALS1 and ALS2) Kiri Oates [email protected] NSW NSW
Royal Melbourne Hospital - Simulation Centre (Vic) ALS1 and ALS2 RMH Simulation Administration [email protected] VIC VIC
Royal Perth Hospital  (ALS1 and ALS2) Kahren [email protected] WA WA
Rural Medical Education Limited (ALS1 and ALS2)  Paul [email protected] QLD QLD
SILECT Simulation Centre, Westmead Hospital, NSW (ALS2) Cathleen [email protected] NSW NSW
Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital (ALS1 and ALS2) Barb [email protected] WA WA
St George & Sutherlands Hospital (ALS1 & ALS2) Jodie [email protected] NSW NSW
St George Private Hospital (ALS1) Colette [email protected] NSW NSW
St Georges Hospital - Simulation Centre (ALS1 and ALS2) Kylie [email protected] NSW NSW
St John of God Geraldton Hospital (ALS1) Alison [email protected] WA WA
St John of God Midland Public & Private Hospitals (ALS1 and ALS2) Jackie [email protected] WA WA
St John of God Murdoch Hospital  (ALS1)    Rochelle [email protected] WA WA
St John of God Subiaco Hospital  (ALS1 and ALS2)    Maria [email protected] WA WA
St Vincent's Hospital Melbourne (ALS1 and ALS2) Susan [email protected] VIC VIC
State Medical Assistance (ALS1 and ALS2) Amanda [email protected] NSW NSW
Sunshine Coast University Hospital Emergency Department (ALS1 and ALS2) Holley/Karla [email protected] QLD QLD
Sunshine Hospital (ALS1 and ALS2) Sharon [email protected] VIC VIC
Sydney South West Private Hospital (ALS1) Sophie [email protected] NSW NSW
The Alfred ICU (ALS2)     ICU Events Team [email protected] VIC VIC
The Memorial Hospital     Jody [email protected] SA SA
Top End Health - CLEaRS - (ALS1) Jimmy [email protected] NT NT
Townsville Hospital  (ALS1 and ALS2)  Kate [email protected] QLD QLD
University of Notre Dame Australia (ALS1 and ALS2) Steve [email protected] WA WA
UWA Department of Emergency Medicine  (ALS1) Roz [email protected] WA WA
Verdigris Medical Education (ALS1 & ALS2) John [email protected] ACT ACT
WA Centre for Rural Health (WACRH) (ALS1) Marjorie [email protected] WA WA
WACHS Goldfields (ALS1) Tina [email protected] WA WA
Western Australian Country Health Service  (ALS1 and ALS2) Gaby [email protected] WA WA
Wollongong Private Hospital (ALS1 and ALS2) Kathryn [email protected] NSW NSW