Accredited Course Centres

If you are interested in becoming an accredited course centre, please review the ARC ALS Courses FAQs.

Please Note: Applications for Course Centre status have been placed on hold until the course review process has been completed.

Course Centre Contact Person/Team Email Address Contact Email Address Contact Course Centre Administration State/Territory Facilitates ARC ALS Courses in States/Territories
Adelaide Health Simulation (UofA) (ALS1 and ALS2) Rachel [email protected] SA SA
Advanced Resuscitation Training (ALS1 and ALS2) Andy (ALS2) or Paul (ALS1) [email protected] [email protected] SA Nationally
AIMSi Blacktown-  (ALS1 and ALS2) Divya [email protected] NSW NSW
Alfred Health (ALS1) Nat [email protected] VIC VIC
ARC / NSW Branch  (ALS1 and ALS2) Suzie [email protected] [email protected] NSW NSW
ARIMGSAS (ALS1) Khush [email protected] VIC VIC
Armadale Health Service  (ALS1 and ALS2) Jane [email protected] WA WA
Ashford Hospital (ALS1) Roselyn [email protected] SA SA
Aspen Medical (ALS1) Paris [email protected] ACT Nationally
AUSTIN HEALTH (ALS1 & ALS2) Matthew [email protected] VIC VIC
Bethesda Health Care (ALS1) Marie [email protected] WA WA
Calvary Health Care Adelaide (ALS1) Sarah [email protected] SA SA
Campbelltown Hospital (ALS1) Leonora [email protected] NSW NSW
Central Adelaide Local Health Network (ALS2) Tim/Rebecca [email protected] SA SA
Central Coast Resuscitation Training (ALS1) Fady [email protected] NSW NSW
CITI Medical Services PTY LTD (ALS1 & ALS2) Majid [email protected] VIC VIC
Code Blue Medical (ALS1) Stephen [email protected] QLD QLD
Eastern Health (ALS1 and ALS2) Nicole Argall [email protected] VIC VIC
Edith Cowan University (ALS1) Sara [email protected] [email protected] WA WA
Elite Seminars (ALS1 and ALS2) Michael [email protected] NSW NSW
Emergency Medicine for General Practitioners (ALS1 and ALS2) Louise [email protected] NSW NSW
Endurance Medical Services Deb [email protected] VIC VIC
Fiona Stanley Hospital (ALS1 and ALS2) Leah - ALS2  or Janet - ALS1 [email protected] [email protected] WA WA
Flinders Medical Centre (ALS1 and ALS2) Sara Peacock [email protected] SA SA
Flinders University (ALS1) Belinda [email protected] SA SA
Francis Baron Burnett Simulation Centre (ALS1) Belinda [email protected] QLD QLD
GC Medical Training (Gold Coast) (ALS1 and ALS2) Jan [email protected] QLD QLD
Gove District Hospital (ALS1 and ALS2) John [email protected] NT NT
Grampians Health (ALS2) Athar [email protected] VIC VIC
Illawarra Shoalhaven Health Education Centre (ISHEC) Wollongong (ALS2) Claudio [email protected] NSW NSW
Interactive Resuscitation Training (ALS1 and ALS2) Pam [email protected] NSW NSW
Joondalup Campus WA (ALS1 & ALS2) ALS1 - Catherine [email protected] WA WA
King Edward Memorial Hospital (ALS1) Emma [email protected] WA WA
LHB Medical Australia (ALS1 and ALS2) Dave [email protected] WA WA
Liverpool Hospital (ALS1 and ALS2) Alessia [email protected] NSW NSW
Mater Hospital, Sydney (ALS1 and ALS2) Belinda [email protected] NSW NSW
Medical Training Solutions (ALS1 and ALS2) Amanda [email protected] WA WA
Monash ICU (ALS2) [email protected] VIC VIC
National Critical Care and Trauma Response Center  Merrilyn [email protected] NT NT
North Adelaide LHN (NALHN) (ALS1 and ALS2) Leigh and Michelle [email protected] SA SA
North Canberra Hospital (ALS1 & ALS2) Kate [email protected] ACT ACT
North West Regional Hospital - Burnie Tasmania (ALS1 and ALS2)  Matthew [email protected] TAS TAS
Northern Hospital  (ALS1 and ALS2) Elise or Elizabeth [email protected] VIC VIC
North Shore Private Hospital  (ALS1 and ALS2) Joanna [email protected] NSW NSW
Paradigm Medical Australia (ALS1) Ben [email protected] SA SA
Pararescue Training (ALS1 and ALS2) Rhys [email protected] QLD QLD
Parasol (ALS1 and ALS2) Lily [email protected] ACT Nationally
Peel Health Campus (Kate ALS1 & Esther ALS2) Kate or Esther [email protected] [email protected] WA WA
Peninsula Health (ALS1) Joy or Trisha [email protected] [email protected] VIC VIC
Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre (ALS1 & ALS2) Maria [email protected] VIC VIC
Postgraduate Medical Council Tasmania - PMCT (ALS1 and ALS2) [email protected] TAS TAS
Prince Charles Hospital   (ALS1 and ALS2)                             Alastair or Leah [email protected] [email protected] QLD QLD
Prince of Wales Hospital (ALS1 and ALS2) Roy [email protected] NSW NSW
Queen Elizabeth Hospital (ALS1) Sophie [email protected] SA SA
Ramsay WA - Hollywood Pvt Hospital (ALS1) Lauren
[email protected] WA WA
Ramsay Healthcare WA (ALS2) ALS2 - Lisa or Lauren
[email protected] WA WA
Resuscitation Skills Centre (ALS1 and ALS2) Jon [email protected] NT NT
ReVISE Simulation Centre (ALS1 and ALS2) Kate [email protected] Vic Vic
Rockingham General Hospital (ALS2) Helen [email protected] WA WA
Royal Adelaide Hospital (ALS1) Sophie [email protected] SA SA
Royal Darwin Hospital, Emergency Department  (ALS1 and ALS2) Lucille (ALS1)
Antony (ALS2)
[email protected] [email protected] NT NT
Royal Flying Doctor Service South East Section, Dubbo (ALS1 and ALS2) Michael Cook [email protected] NSW NSW
Royal Melbourne Hospital - Simulation Centre (Vic) ALS1 and ALS2 RMH Simulation Administration [email protected] VIC VIC
Royal Perth Hospital  (ALS1 and ALS2) Kahren [email protected] WA WA
Rural Medical Education Limited (ALS1 and ALS2)  Paul [email protected] QLD QLD
SILECT Simulation Centre, Westmead Hospital, NSW (ALS2) Kavita [email protected] NSW NSW
Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital (ALS1 and ALS2) Barb [email protected] WA WA
St George & Sutherlands Hospital (ALS1 & ALS2) Jodie [email protected] NSW NSW
St George Private Hospital (ALS1) Colette [email protected] NSW NSW
St Georges Hospital - Simulation Centre (ALS1 and ALS2) Kylie [email protected] NSW NSW
St John of God Geraldton Hospital (ALS1) Alison [email protected] WA WA
St John of God Midland Public & Private Hospitals (ALS1 and ALS2) Jackie [email protected] WA WA
St John of God Murdoch Hospital  (ALS1)    Rochelle [email protected] WA WA
St John of God Subiaco Hospital  (ALS1 and ALS2)    Maria [email protected] WA WA
St Vincent's Hospital Melbourne (ALS1 and ALS2) Susan [email protected] VIC VIC
Sunshine Coast University Hospital Emergency Department (ALS1 and ALS2) Holley/Karla [email protected] QLD QLD
Sunshine Hospital (ALS1 and ALS2) Sharon [email protected] VIC VIC
Sydney South West Private Hospital (ALS1) Sophie [email protected] NSW NSW
The Alfred ICU (ALS2)     ICU Events Team [email protected] VIC VIC
The Memorial Hospital     Jody [email protected] SA SA
Top End Health - CLEaRS - (ALS1) Jimmy [email protected] NT NT
University of Notre Dame Australia (ALS1 and ALS2) Steve [email protected] WA WA
UWA Department of Emergency Medicine  (ALS1) Roz [email protected] WA WA
Verdigris Medical Education (ALS1 & ALS2) John [email protected] ACT ACT
WA Centre for Rural Health (WACRH) (ALS1) Marjorie [email protected] WA WA
WACHS Goldfields (ALS1) Tina [email protected] WA WA
Western Australian Country Health Service  (ALS1 and ALS2) Jane Trevaskis [email protected] WA WA
Wollongong Private Hospital (ALS1 and ALS2) Kathryn [email protected] NSW NSW