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HYBRID Instructor Course Dates (open to ALS1 & ALS2 Candidates)

Course dates that have vacancies will be added to the website. The majority of courses fill with wait listed candidates.

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Above updated 5th March 2019

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Pathway to Instructor Status

For all course queries: Please contact the ARC Course Coordinator at: or

ARC Instructor Courses: The ARC facilitates all Instructor courses designed to support the ARC Courses and invites any registered course centre to apply to host an Instructor Course. Dates may require negotiation to avoid clashes and conflicts with other events, so early application is preferred.  The course centre  provides the venue and equipment with the ARC arranging all pre-course administration including candidate application, candidate fee administration, instructor faculty, catering and program. All applications must be sent to the ARC and not the host centre.


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The Instructor Courses are broken down into three types:

  • ALS1 – one day ALS1 only Instructor Course for those IP’ed for ALS1
  • ALS2 – two day ALS2 Instructor Course
  • HYBRID – this is a two day course for both ALS1 or ALS2 (and NER) IP’s

ARC ALS1 one day Instructor Course: This course is over one day designed for those candidates who have been identified as Instructor Potential in ALS1. Once successful in completion of this course candidates progress to Instructor Candidate status where they Instruct on two courses under supervision of an experienced Instructor being assessed delivering a Skill Station and CASTeaching. Candidate who successfully complete this course cannot progress to ALS2 Instruction unless they complete a two day Instructor Course.   ALS2 – two day Instructor Course: This course is over two days designed for those candidates who have been identified as Instructor Potential in ALS2 only. Once successful in completion of this course candidates progress to Instructor Candidate status where they Instruct on two courses under supervision of an experienced Instructor being assessed delivering a Skill Station and CASTeaching.   Candidate who successfully complete this course can undertake ALS1 IC courses as well and gain Full Instructor status in ALS1 (prior to becoming a Full Instructor in ALS2), but these courses do not contribute towards development as an ALS2 Instructor. ALS2 Full Instructors may Instruct on ALS1 courses without the need for ALS1 IC Courses.   HYBRID Instructor Course – (two days): Hybrid courses are designed for ALS1 and ALS2 (and soon NER – Neonatal Emergency Response) Instructor Potentials. Any identified Instructor Potential may apply for this course that is over two days. Candidates are placed in groups with those developing towards the same instructor status.   The advantage of a HYBRID course is for ALS1/NER candidates attending is upon successful completion of the HYBRID Course they are at a later date are identified as an ALS2/NER IP (on an ALS2/NER course as a candidate) they do not have to complete another Instructor Course. The HYBRID Course covers the educational requirements for all ARC Courses. ALS1/NER Instructors identified later as ALS2 IP’s  (or ALS1 as NER IP), who have completed the one day Instructor Course will need to attend a two day course to progress towards full instructor status.

Instructor Courses: All courses run from Courses run from approximately 07:45 until 18:30hrs each day. Candidates must attend the full course; if any sessions are missed they must repeat the whole course again. Please consider the times if applying for these courses or travelling interstate. The courses include adult learning, memory theory, lecture techniques, and workshops, teaching and assessment scenarios. Practical stations include teaching a skill, delivery of a discussion/workshop, teaching scenarios and assessing scenarios. Candidates are exposed to the attributes and skills of Instructors through experiential learning, group dynamics, situated learning and reflective practice throughout the course in a safe and controlled environment. As such candidates will be asked to reflect on their sessions following delivery and offer key points on that performance. Feedback is facilitated by the Instructors, and aims to increase candidate awareness of the role of an ARC ALS Instructor. Feedback is delivered to the whole group so candidates will learn from each other as well as the faculty. Assessment is continuous throughout the entire course. Each of the practical stations is formally assessed by one of the Instructors. It is the collation of all of the assessments throughout the course that the whole faculty will decide on the pathway for future development. At the end of this course it is aimed that candidates will be equipped to undertake the role of an Instructor Candidate, (IC). To gain a successful pass in the ARC Instructor Courses in addition to attendance, candidates must successfully achieve in the course assessments. Candidates are assessed in the delivery of the educational material assigned (in micro teach sessions) including:

  • Teaching a ‘Skill’ (one component of the airway skill station)
  • Instructing a ‘CASTeach’
  • Being the lead Instructor in an ‘Assessment’ using formative and summative techniques
  • Leading a ‘Closed Discussion’

Who are candidates teaching on the Instructor Course: During each session candidates will be educating the other members of their candidate group and one of the Instructor Course Faculty. The faculty member will undertake the role of a ‘candidate’ on an ARC Course and be one of the group receiving the education from the Instructor Course candidate. Ultimately it is the interpersonal, communication and teaching skills that are assessed on these courses. However the material taught should reflect the current ARC/RC(UK) ALS or NER material/manual at all times. The ARC courses are multidisciplinary/inter-professional, which aims to provide a standardised approach for the technical skills in management of crisis events. The information used on all sessions of the course comes from the core material. Timing of micro-teach sessions: Each of the sessions candidates deliver their assigned education are time constrained as in the provider (ALS1/ALS2/NER) courses. Instructor Course candidates are given a 9-minute allocation to deliver their assigned education, including preparation for the station (ie. ensuring all the necessary equipment is available, and it is in working order etc), delivering the education and closing the session, (set-dialogue-closure). A member of the Instructor Course faculty facilitates feedback for the whole group following the session, including discussion of the key learning points observed.