Current RC (UK) / ERC / NZRC / Instructor Registration

Current Instructors with RC (UK), NZRC and ERC may request to register with the ARC.

If you have been nominated as an Instructor Potential on an ARC ALS Course and are a current instructor for APLS, EMST, EMAC, ACME or have completed a GIC you may be able to avoid the need to attend another Instructor Course. Please complete this form so we can contact the organisation you instruct on behalf of and confirm these credentials. Should the result be that no attendance at an ARC Instructor Course is required, you will advance to Instructor candidate status. As an Instructor Candidate (IC) you will need be to successfully complete two courses as an IC at different centres before you can advance to Full Instructor status. As an IC you are supported and assessed during Instructing on a course as a developing faculty member.

Applications are welcome from those RCUK/ERC/NZRC Instructors currently (or shortly to be) residing in the commonwealth of Australia. The Australian Resuscitation Council reserves the right to refuse applications from overseas applicants who do not currently/intend to reside in Australia.

Applications from current RCUK/ERC/NZRC instructors: Once credentials are confirmed there is a requirement to undertake provider courses as a developing instructor (Instructor Candidate or Recertification Instructor) before registration as a full instructor is achieved with the ARC.

During IC or Recertifying Instructors will be assessed in delivery of the course material to candidates on an approved ARC provider course. Overseas registered instructors must complete these course(s) within the commonwealth of Australia to register as a full instructor. Instructor Candidate and Recertification places on courses are limited. IC and Recertifying Instructors will need to contact course centres directly to book places as developing faculty to complete ARC registration once they have had their Instructor status is confirmed. Dates and contacts are available on the Course Dates page.