We are always looking for enthusiastic, experienced clinicians to deliver ALS education as ARC Instructors. In order to ensure the standards of the courses are maintained, the path to ARC Instructor status is a heavily prescribed. During ALS courses all candidates are continuously evaluated for their skills, knowledge and qualities that contribute towards a good instructor. Outstanding candidates on the ALS courses are identified as having instructor potential by the faculty on that course and invited to become instructors themselves and given access to an OPT In form at the end of the course. 

The Path to ARC Instructor Status

Decisions made during the course regarding the Instructor Potential (IP) consideration are a result of the whole faculty. To achieve successful nomination for IP status during the course the candidate must:

  • Be nominated and seconded by faculty members on the course
  • Achieve satisfactory rating in assessment of
    • Formative assessments
    • Continuous assessment of technical and non-technical skills
  • In order to be successfully put forward for ALS2/ALS Instructor Potential (IP), the candidate must score a minimum total of 25, (ALS1/ILS IP must score minimum of 17)and must score greater than 83% in their MCQ.
  • Any score of ‘Not Achieved’ excludes the candidate from being selected.
  • Please note the clinical and non-technical skills are continuously assessed throughout the whole course and not just within the specific skill station or when team leading. Scores may adjust over the course with exposure and practice from the initial skill station and further observation from all faculty members
  • All criteria are assessed over duration of the course and not solely within the specific skills workshop for example. The main advantages of continuous assessment are that both candidates and faculty obtain feedback, which can then be used to improve learning. The final result is based on evidence gathered over the span of the whole course. For details on the IP assessment please click here. IP Appraisal for ALS1/ALS2

Those identified as IP then attend an Instructor Course. The Instructor Course uses contemporary theories of adult education in ALS and assists instructor development adding to the skills and knowledge already demonstrated by the potential instructor. In the event the candidate has already attended an Instructor Course recognised by the ARC (e.g. EMST/GIC/NZRC etc) the ARC may recognise this prior learning and these candidates move straight to Instructor Candidate (IC) status. Please click here to complete the “OPT IN” Form to ensure you are added to the ARC register.

After successfully completing the Instructor Course candidates must then attend two courses as an Instructor Candidate (IC), where experienced instructors, mentor and evaluate them in before being registered as full instructors, provided the faculty is satisfied they have met the required standard.

As no process is completely perfect, an appeal is possible for those candidates who feel they would make good instructors but were not identified on the original course. To appeal a decision to become an IP you will need to complete the Appeal Form and forward to the National Course Coordinator (arc.courses@surgeons.org). This process must be commenced no later than 9 months following the ALS Course completion. Appeals are possible for those not identified as all or those identified as ALS1 IP and wish consideration for ALS2 IP status.