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March 2020 – New Guideline

Worksheets to support Guideline 10.2

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  • “Revised” ARC Disclaimer and Copyright Statement
  • Guideline 9.1.1 First Aid for Management of Bleeding – July 2017 (replaces 9.1.1 Principles for the control of bleeding for first Aiders – Jan 2016)
  • Guideline renumbered and moved: Guideline 9.2.10 – The Use of Oxygen in Emergencies moved to Section 9.2 – Medical (Originally Guideline 10.4)

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Glossary updates:

the provision of effective airway management, ventilation of the lungs and production of a circulation by means of techniques additional to those of BASIC LIFE SUPPORT. These techniques may include, but not be limited to, advanced airway management, vascular access/drug therapy and defibrillation. (ARC)

(in the context of first aid, pre-hospital care and resuscitation)
a person who is a registered medical practitioner, registered nurse, registered midwives, or qualified ambulance paramedic or Australian Defence Force medic. (ARC)

The following guidelines were updated to reflect TGA name change:

November 2016

August 2016