ALS Provider Recertification Course

There are a couple of vacancies on the following course prior to the extension being lifted:
Course Centre: The Alfred, Innovation & Education Hub
Location: Innovation and Education Hub, 75 Commercial Road, Melbourne, VIC 3004
Date: March 5, 2024
Bookings: Please book here

ARC ALS Provider Certificates

ARC ALS Certification Expiry was reviewed and updated on 1 February 2023 as follows:

ARC ALS Expiry is Extended for those due to expire after 1st March 2023

The result is, holders of ARC ALS2 provider certificates which are due to expire from 1st March 2023, are still eligible to undertake a one-day ALS2 recertification course after expiry. This means the original ARC ALS2 provider course you attended was on 1 March 2019 or beyond.

This extension will not continue past March 2024.

How to book a course:

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  3. This will take you to the booking site for the course centre or provide you with an email contact.
  4. Not all courses will have places available
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Please Note:

  • Some course centres do not accept external bookings
  • Prices vary from course centre to course centre
  • The ARC does not control the price of courses
  • All course centres are approved by the ARC and the ARC does not endorse any single provider.


Candidates wishing to attend the one day recertification course must hold a current ALS Provider certificate which is within the four year period.  If not, will be required to attend the two day provider course. Course centres are required to check the status of candidates certificates prior to accepting their course registration.