The following Life Support Flow Charts are provided free of charge by the Australian Resuscitation Council as a service to the community.

Reproducing the ARC Flowcharts

Permission to reproduce and use these flow charts is not required.

Flow charts must be used as published by the ARC / NZRC with no alterations. It is permissible to add your organisations logo but such additions must not change the flow charts in any way what so ever including the position of the ARC and NZRC logos.

Flow charts which have been modified in anyway may not carry the ARC / NZRC logo or imply authority from the ARC / NZRC.

January 2016

ANZCOR Adult Cardiorespiratory Arrest Flowchart

March 2019

ANZCOR Anaphylaxis Flowchart

April 2021

ANZCOR Basic Life Support Flowchart

January 2016

ANZCOR Choking Flowchart (Management of Foreign Body Airway Obstruction)

April 2021

ANZCOR Neonatal Flowchart

January 2016

ANZCOR Paediatric Cardiorespiratory Arrest Flowchart