ILCOR 2018 International Consensus


The ILCOR 2018 International Consensus on Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Emergency Cardiovascular Care Science With Treatment Recommendations Summary has been published in the journals Resuscitation and Circulation. The summary addresses the role of antiarrhythmic drugs in adults and children and includes the Advanced Life Support Task Force and Paediatric Task Force consensus statements based on GRADE methodology. The statements include consensus treatment recommendations  with insights into the deliberations of each task force provided in the Values and Preferences and Task Force Insights sections. The task force members have also listed the knowledge gaps for further research.

ANZCOR representatives on the ILCOR ALS Task Force are Tonia Nicholson (NZRC) and, Peter Morley and Michael Parr (ARC). ANZCOR representatives on ILCOR  Paediatric Task Force are Richard Aickin and Gabrielle Nuthall (NZRC). Based on a preliminary evaluation of the publication, ANZCOR does not anticipate a significant change to current recommendations. ANZCOR will continue to monitor the available evidence and notify the resuscitation community should our recommendations change.